The New NBN: Fraudband

What went wrong with the NBN?

After the 2013 federal election, the incoming Liberal-National coalition under the then leadership of Tony Abbott and communications minister Malcolm Turnbull, downgraded the technology used for the NBN. Instead of Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) to most homes, they decided to employ a “mix of technologies”. This predominantly meant Fibre To The Node (FTTN), which makes use of Telstra’s old copper wires and HFC Cable which makes use of Telstra and Optus’ old pay-TV cables. Both are technologically inferior to FTTP and numerous industry experts predicted this would be a disastrous change for a number of reasons:

  • Lower (and variable) capability
  • Lower income for NBN Co (due to inability to deliver higher speeds)
  • Lower future value of NBN Co (due to lower income)
  • Higher maintenance/faults/complaints (due to incorporation of old copper network)
  • Higher future costs (due to need for future upgrades)

It’s now 2017, and these predictions have all come true. The NBN suffers from high levels of dropouts and complaints about low speeds. Many people cannot get anywhere near the speeds they are paying for, leading to talk of upgrades before the rollout has even been completed!

This section of the site is currently being updated. In the interim, you can find some information detailing how the Coalition Government and Malcolm Turnbull have wrecked the NBN:

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